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I am so happy with the services WA security doors have to provide as they have some of the best ways to help you keep safe and can also help you understand your neighbourhood before they start their service.
Timothy R. Fant
I have a toddler in the house and was looking for a feature that would keep them safe as well as reduce my stress about the house. WA security doors made it easier for me to keep track of everything all in one place.
Adele R. Garcia

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How to cyclone-proof your house


Cyclone is a natural phenomenon which produces high winds and heavy rainfall in a low-pressure system. Cyclones are extremely common phenomena is certain parts of the world. This is the reason why many homeowners are opting to build their house to be cyclone proof. The wind is not the only thing one needs to worry about as heavy rain can also cause flooding and storm surges, which can lead to extreme flooding in coastal areas.

How to build a cyclone proof house

To build a cyclone proof house, there are many things a homeowner needs to consider which starts from the foundation of the house itself. The foundation needs to be set to a certain depth to help avoid any kind of collapse. Using waterproof seals and water-resistant cladding also prevents moisture from entering the house. Windows also need to be made from shatterproof glass and need to covered with mesh screens. The roofing should have an angle from all the sides which can resist cyclone and try to screw the roofs securely as the nails might just rip. The vents of the roof can reduce the pressure to the door; trees should be planted away from the house in case they fall.

Watch for rust

One major cause of damage from the cyclone is the fact that all the metals objects can start to rust. These rusting metals can weaken the house, which can result in your house shattering in a cyclone. Look around the house and ceiling cavity to see any signs of rust. Also check for the roof covering, battens, straps, bolts and screws to see any signs of rusting and replace them as soon as possible.

Rotten timber termite damage

Rotten timber can weaken the timber of your house, which will make it easier to tear during the cyclone winds. Look for rotten timber and termite damage and replace them, you can treat the timber beforehand to ensure that termite damage does not occur.

Loose fixing

In hot climatic conditions, the timber can expand and contract, and this is normal, but this continuous movement can cause loosening of the fixtures. Look for any loose fixtures and tighten them to make sure that your house is extra safe.

How to protect an older house

If you have an older house, there are precautions you need to take to help minimize the damage to your house. In general, it is seen that the main cause of damage is the roof which can be catastrophic to the house. The combinations of high winds and torrential rains can damage the inside of your house as well. Make sure that you gables are wide to ensure that there is minimal damage, doors and windows can be vulnerable to high winds secure them tightly, Garage doors can easily cover the winds and rain. Any attachments like patio roofs and other attachments need to be lifted.

7 Biggest Tornado Safety Myths and Misconceptions  


When it comes to tornado safety, there are just as many myths and misconceptions as there are facts. It is essential to know what the misconceptions are to ensure that you exercise maximum precaution and safety in the event of a tornado occurrence. Believing these misconceptions and myths can put the safety and lives of your loved ones, as well as yourself in danger. Here are 7 of the most significant tornado safety myths and misconceptions that you need to be aware of!

1) Opening windows will “equalize the pressure.”

Earlier, it was thought that opening the windows in your house could equalize pressure since a tornado has low pressure and your home has high pressure, preventing your house from exploding or being wholly damaged. However, it has been proven that this misconception holds no value and opening your windows only invites debris and wreckage into your house.

2) Overpasses are a safe shelter

Overpasses have been thought to provide safety during a tornado, but in reality, the case is opposite. While passing through an overpass, wind speeds increase, endangering the structure of the bridge itself. These high-speed winds are also capable of lifting off vehicles from the ground. In case you find yourself in a car during a tornado, seek shelter in the nearest stable structure or lie low in a low ditch that is below the road level.

3) Tornadoes never strike big cities 


Tornadoes have been found to hit big cities in the US like Dallas and Miami, and these tornadoes are more dangerous since there is more debris and wreckage generated as a result of the tornado.

4) The southwest corner of a basement is the safest spot 

This misconception comes from the belief that since tornadoes usually come from the southwest, the debris and wreckage is likely to be in the northeast direction and thus being in the southwest corner is least likely to expose you to waste. However, tornadoes can come from any direction, and since tornadoes have rotating winds, the debris can also fall into any direction.

5) Tornadoes have a season

Though tornadoes are more likely to occur during the spring and the fall, tornadoes as such have no specific season and can occur at any point in time.

6) Tornadoes don’t occur in mountains

Though tornadoes are less common in mountain regions, they are not absent from this terrain. The reason behind lesser occurrences of tornadoes in the mountains is due to the stable air present in that region, which is not very ideal for the development of severe weather conditions.

7) You can outrun a tornado 

Tornadoes can move at speeds of up to 70 miles an hour, and depending on your fast car to get you as far as possible from the tornado isn’t the best idea. Get out of your vehicle as soon as possible and seek shelter in a safe spot.

5 Things You Should Never Do During a Tornado 

While dealing with a situation as intense as a tornado, your don’ts’s become just as more important as your do’s! Just any other natural disaster, time is of the essence. You must act quickly to get to a safe location. However, there are also certain things that you absolutely shouldn’t do in such a situation. Here are five things you should never do if you find yourself in a tornado‘s path.

1) Don’t seek shelter under an overpass

Your first thought during a tornado may be to seek refuge under a bridge to protect yourself from all the debris. However, this is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. Winds tend to speed up and accelerate while passing through narrow structures like overpasses and are capable of destroying the entire overpass and lifting vehicles off the ground, posing a severe threat to your life.

2) Don’t wait to visually confirm the tornado before taking cover 

Once you hear a tornado warning, do not wait until you can visually confirm the tornado’s presence before you seek shelter. Tornadoes move at breakneck speeds and waiting until you spot it might not leave you enough time to take cover and get to a safe place. It’s best to find a safe stop and wait there as soon as you hear a tornado warning.

3) Don’t stay inside your car

Trying to outrun a tornado is both futilely ambitious and extremely dangerous. Relying on your fast car to protect you from the tornado is a mistake since tornadoes move at breakneck speeds. If you’re inside a vehicle during a tornado, get out of the car and seek shelter at the then nearest stable structure or building. Alternatively, you can also get out and lie in a low ditch, getting below the level of the road.

4) Don’t open your windows

Opening windows has been found to have no benefit during a tornado. Contrary to popular belief, opening a window will only let in more wreckage and debris into your house. You also end up wasting more time in the process of opening your windows, precious time that could be essential for you to get to a safe spot.

5) Don’t stand at the window 

Standing at your window to observe the tornado or document, it puts your safety at risk. Not only do you lose out on time to seek safe shelter and take cover, but you also put yourself in the line of danger by risking injury from debris and wreckage that might find its way towards you. People often get killed or injured because of the wreck and debris generated by a tornado.


3 Ways to Protect Windows from Hurricanes


Hurricanes are a time of calamity and can be extremely frightening. There will be a lot of confusion and anxiety running around the minds of people who are stuck in a hurricane bound zone. Other than the colossal trauma that hurricanes can probably have on people, it damages their homes and leaves people bankrupt. People also get hurt mainly due to the damage done to their windows and shattered glass. Therefore it is essential to keep your home and yourself safe. You need to keep your windows in check. Here are three ways to do just that!

1) Window shutters.

Two distinct kinds of shutters are intended to lower over every window and give compelling protection from the wind and wind-driven debris during a hurricane. A hand-wrench inside the home can work one sort of shutter while shutters likewise are accessible that lock into the spot at the press of a button inside the house. Also, make sure you check with your insurance agency to check whether you for a reduction on your home insurance by introducing window shutters.

2) High-impact glass.

An ordinary sheet of glass doesn’t offer much assurance from flying debris during a hurricane. With a high-impact glass, you can, for the most part, pick a single coated or double coated choice that extensively fortifies your windows. With two sheets of safety glass, also secured by a plastic film, you altogether better the odds of your windows enduring a hurricane. The high-impact glass doesn’t appear to be any unique than your current window and may qualify your home for a protection rebate.

3) Plywood shutters.

Installing plywood over the majority of the windows in your home can give magnificent insurance from a storm. The issue is that on the off chance that you hold up until a hurricane is en route, a large number of different property holders and house owners will head home-supply stores and plywood can turn out to be very scarce.

Instead, contact a specialist to measure the required plywood before hurricane season. It’s ideal for picking at any rate quarter-inch or half-inch plywood and for ensuring the wood is estimated to introduce into the walls, rather than the window outlines. Rock stable anchors can be pre-installed so that if a hurricane is approaching, you should connect the pre-cut plywood. Keep in mind that if you pick this alternative to secure your windows, your home will be very dull when the power is out after a hurricane.

Security Screen Doors and Windows

When people think of security, they often don’t think of aluminium security screen doors to guard against burglars in Perth WA.

When people talk about home security, some of the first things that would come to mind are surveillance cameras, motion detectors, fire alarms, and the like. But in reality, home security covers a lot of ground, including safeguarding your most important valuables.

Sure, there are still the old reliable safes that you can buy in the market today, but none of them are probably equipped with the same capabilities as the newer ones of today do. In this article, we look at three good examples of those that you can be a welcome addition into your home.

Trademark Home Dictionary Diversion Safe

Most heavy duty safes are rightfully stealthily hidden, either behind the door or a wall in a concealed area of your home. But with this product, you will no longer need to do that much stealth action, as the look of the device itself would likely suffice.

The Trademark Home Dictionary Diversion Book Safe is actually packaged as a reading material, which can easily fool the layman or someone that looks at it from a superficial standpoint. The downside of it though is that it is very basic and would not likely stand a fire or sudden flooding, but it serves is purpose of being a protectedspot to store your valuables.

First Alert 2092DF

Unlike the previous item that is physically appealing with a great functionality to boot, this product lies on the heavy duty side of safe classifications. The First Alert 2092DF is not only waterproof, but fireproof as well.

In the unlikely event that both a fire and a flood hits your home, you can guarantee that this product would be the one of the few ones to be left intact. Weighing at around 100 pounds, the First Alert 2092DF is heavy enough to store stocky and hefty valuables such as firearms, coins, and piles of documents, without any concern for space or weight.

SentrySafe SFW123DSB

If you are looking for just a small, compact safe for basic storage, SentrySafe’s SFW123DSB would be the perfect product for you. The name itself may be a handful to say and remember, but the functionalities and storage that it provides is something that would interest many.

Similar to the previous product, the SFW123DSB is also both water and fire-resistant. Its key takeaway, however, is that it also features another airtight storage which would be perfect for you to store delicate documents and old photos.

You can pick from this list of home security safes that would be best for you, and you can guarantee that they are all of top-notch quality.

Don’t forget, the damage that can be prevented from security outweighs the security screen door costs. Generally people only think of safes and other devices.

3 of the Most Reliable Home Security Companies in Western Australia

If you are either a long-time resident in Western Australia, or you have just move to this lovely part of town, you would rightfully want to know which of the local home security companies are reliable enough for you to trust. Understandably, you would only want to be working with the best ones out there, since you will be investing a chunk of your resources on it.

If you still are not sure about which home security company in Western Australia would be a good choice, this article should answer your queries. Here are three examples of reliable home security companies in this part of Australia.


Located around the West Perth area, Securus provides a good number of home security services, including installation of closed-circuit television cameras, both local and monitored alarm systems, and smoke detection, just to name a few.  The company also holds a certification with the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL).

While Securus can also specialize on commercial security, its home security services are of great quality. If you wish, you can speak with consultants prior to the installation of your home security system to make sure that you are making the right move, and if needed, the company can also cater to the needs of your pet.

Smart Security

In its 20 years of existence, Smart Security has built itself a reputation of being one of Perth’s leading names when it comes to home security. Once you sign up to be one of the company’s clients, you are pretty much ensured of great deals and reliable security systems.

When it comes to home security, Smart Security only has one goal, and that is to provide protection to your loved ones. Through its trusted employees, the company can help set up entry keypads for your front door, radio devices that will be available throughout your property, and even the installation of window shock sensors, just to name a few.

Castle Security

This company is another veteran in the game, having existed for a total of 25 years. Over the course of this said period of time, they have developed into a reliable name in security, whether it is for residential purposes, offices and commercial establishments, and even government buildings.

Whether you avail their services for whichever purpose, Castle Security provides 24-Hour Alarm monitoring, as well as round the clock closed-circuit television surveillance right from their command center in Perth. This should guarantee you some inner calmness when going through your daily routines.

If you are a resident of Western Australia, these are the companies you can choose from. They may all differ from one another, but they can at least guarantee high quality service.

3 of the Best Home Security Products of 2019

This is the scenario: you just purchased your new home, along with all its much-needed appliances and furniture. You have also completed all the decorating work you need.

Now, you are ready to take care of setting up your home security system, but are still unsure about which products to look into. In this article, we will be delving into three of the best home security brands in 2018, as ranked by industry experts and people who have used them already.

Product #1: Nest Hello

Ever wondered if it would be possible to record video of every stranger stepping onto your porch to ring the doorbell? Yes, there are brands that specialize in the development and manufacturing of such products, and one of them is Nest Hello.

With Nest Hello, you can beef up your existing doorbell system by easily installing this nifty little camera right above it. And because it is developed in this day and age of technology, this product can also be integrated into your smart home tools such as Amazon’s Alexa, which makes it easily accessible through voice command.

Product #2: Abode Starter Kit

As the name itself suggests, the Abode Starter Kit is perfect to have, especially if you are just in the onset of setting up your own home security system. This package includes everything that you will need for effective surveillance monitoring, such as a siren-equipped hub, door and window sensors, a key fob, and motion detectors.

And if you wish to take things a little further, you can add in other functionalities such as livestreaming, garage door openers, and environmental sensors that would help detect problems such as water leaks. Similar to the first item, it can also be integrated into smart home applications.

Product #3: Salient Eye

This is a treat most especially for Android users, who have this particular system limited to their platform. In a nutshell, Salient Eye is a free downloadable app that helps turn your mobile device into an instant security camera. Talk about having surveillance on the go, and within the palm of your hand.

If you wish to expand this feature a little further, you can download the Salient Eye companion app, which essentially allows you to control the camera that you have using another device. Need to arm or disarm the Salient Eye? You can use the companion app and do it ease.

These three brands are just some of the many others that you can choose from. With enough research, you should be able to make a decision on which one would work best for you.

3 Home Security Software to Enable Surveillance Feed into Your Own Device

You may want to have your own home security system, but the main problem is an issue that many people legitimately have: money. Because of the many expenses at home, you are unable to set aside a sum of your savings to purchase at least a functioning surveillance system.

But that does not mean that you will never be able to have your own home surveillance set-up. Modern technology has allowed for the development of such software products that you can use in your own computer, and we will be covering three of them in this article.

Software #1: Camera Viewer Pro

This software that you can easily install into your own computer is deemed by experts as one of the best products in the market today. They have put it in such high regard, mainly for its easy to use features, as well as the resource usage of its main system.

Camera Viewer Pro is said to have the intelligence to use a maximum of just 1% of your computer’s main processing unit, which lessens the wear and tear to your system. The video that it records is clear enough, and the recording is smooth for most people’s standards.

Software #2: iSpy

If recording images using your security camera is more than enough for you, you would probably be pleased to know that there is available software out there that can enable audio recording as well. This is one functionality that security camera software brand iSpy prides itself with.

This audio functionality that is quite a rarity for security cameras makes this brand ideal not only for surveillance, but for general monitoring as well. This is why some people use this software for their cameras that monitor their children who are unattended, and even their pets.

Software #3: SecureCam2

If you are just looking to have a very basic surveillance set-up and not spend too much on an elaborate one, SecureCam2 would be a good brand for you. With just 343KB of hard drive space required, this brand can pretty much do it all.

From the basic monitoring functionalities, to even motion detection and online streaming, SecureCam2 can do it all. And if you wish to see what your camera has picked up, you can play all of them using the software’s very own built-in player. Do note that because of this very basic set-up, it can support a mere four cameras, at the most.

These are good examples of programs that can help turn your personal computer into an instant surveillance monitor. These can be downloaded in their respective websites for the basic functionalities, and you can choose to shell out a small amount if you want the upgrades.

3 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Home Security Camera

As a homeowner, you would want to secure your household with at least a basic home security setup. Most people are content with having just a security camera or two, just enough to monitor what is going own inside their own space where their loved ones and prized possessions are in.

But before buying that first security camera, here are some things you need to consider first. This piece of information can at the very least help you make the right decision.

Image Clarity and Definition

This applies to those who plan to have a basic closed-circuit television camera for their homes or business establishments. You may have a functioning eye in the sky (or roof, for that matter), but if the image is not clear enough, having it mounted has no use at all.

Before buying and installing a camera, make sure that you will get the most out of it, in terms of image quality. Do your due diligence and research on some of the best ones out there. It will not only help you secure your space, but it will also give you your money’s worth.

Legitimacy of Suppliers

Since there has been a high demand for security cameras, there are those who would take advantage of this situation by selling their own sub-standard brands for the same retail price as the good ones. Some of them are even packaged in such a way that you are made to believe that these brands can indeed to the job well for you.

You must also be able to discern whether or not you are dealing with a legitimate supplier. It always pays to have your guard up when it comes to these situations, especially if you already have a bad feeling about it to begin with. But better yet, make sure that you are dealing with a trusted supplier, and you can find out more about this by doing research.

Tilting, Zooming, and Panning Abilities

If you are getting a security camera to monitor the surroundings of your establishment, you would rightfully want it to cover as much ground as possible. So before making that purchase, you must also look at its basic functionalities such as the zoom, panning and tilting, and if it can do these tasks effectively.

Most cameras today can tilt up to a 90-degree angle, and can pan around up to 355 degrees. In terms of zooming quality, it should still be able to render a resolution of 720p. If the camera is capable of such tasks, then you are getting the most out of your purchase.

These are just some helpful tips you can keep in mind before purchasing your own security camera. Make sure to remember them, as it can be greatly helpful.

5 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Home Security Business

Home security is something that many people take seriously. With that being said, it could also be a good source of income, should you decide to make a business venture out of it.

In this article, we give you five steps that you can easily follow in order to establish your very own home security business. Who knows, you may very well end up being the industry’s next big brand name.

Do Extensive Research

Like any other business venture, it is important to do enough research before diving right in, and rightfully so. You will be shelling out some of your most valued resources for this endeavor, which is why you will need to know every important piece of information about it first.

Scout the Competitive Landscape

Part of putting up a business is knowing who you will be up against, and this applies to any industry out there. Of course, there are other companies that already kicked off with their respective ventures, and you can either take cues from them, or take note of what to not do, and see how it can all benefit your own business in some way.

Draft a Business Plan

Any army general would not dare go to battle without a plan. Similarly, it would not be wise for anyone to start a business without a business plan. In this all-encompassing document, you will need to determine how much you expect to make, your main goals, and more analyses of your competitors. Most importantly, this should also include the budget that you have available for spending, and make sure not to go over it.

Location is Key

Being situated in a prime spot for your business would evidently benefit you in more ways than one. This will let you know whether it would be best for you to cater to home security, office or business security, or maybe even both. Apart from this, you will also need to be aware of any required guidelines, which you would of course need to abide by.

Hire Your Working Team

Now that you have a location, business plan, and have scouted the competitive landscape, you can then move on to hiring your set of employees. These would range from operations teams, to the sales, marketing, and administration. You would also want to keep a competitive enough salary and benefit package for them, as well as training programs that would further enhance their skills.

In theory, putting up a business based on these steps is relatively easy, and it could be if you have resources. But following these could at the very least help you in moving a step forward.