3 Common Home Security Myths That Have Been Debunked

Home security is something that should be taken seriously. People tend to get too complacent about this specific aspect, until something untoward happens, and it becomes too late to remedy.

However, there are also some home security myths that have come about, and unfortunately have fooled people into believing them. But in this article, we will list three of the most common ones that have already been debunked.

Having a Pet is More Than Enough

You may think that having a pet dog would be more than enough to scare off any intruders who may want to break into your home. After all, a dog’s bark pretty much has the same effect as an actual burglar alarm, right?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about home security out there. Many break-ins have occurred where the family dog was present, but it either did not make a peep, or it was somehow neutralized. Let go of this belief, once and for all.

Living in a “Safe” Neighborhood Does Not Necessitate One

You may think that living in the safe suburbs will without a home security system would be a wise idea. But the reality is burglaries still happen in areas where people deem it to be “safe”.

Unless you live in a gated community where patrolling security can be seen round the clock during the night, it would still be best to invest in a home security system. Your family’s safety should never be taken for granted.

Installing a Home Security System Would Cost an Arm and a Leg

Another big misconception about having a home security system is that it would take out a chunk from your hard-earned savings. This is just another myth that needs to be debunked.

You will not to put in need an elaborate system in order to have a functioning one. On average, you will only need to shell out around $25 to pay a security company to give you 24/7 monitoring. At the very least, you can install a motion sensor light bulb for $12.

These are just some home security myths that have been debunked and disproven, and should convince you to invest in one for your own safety.