3 Home Security Software to Enable Surveillance Feed into Your Own Device

You may want to have your own home security system, but the main problem is an issue that many people legitimately have: money. Because of the many expenses at home, you are unable to set aside a sum of your savings to purchase at least a functioning surveillance system.

But that does not mean that you will never be able to have your own home surveillance set-up. Modern technology has allowed for the development of such software products that you can use in your own computer, and we will be covering three of them in this article.

Software #1: Camera Viewer Pro

This software that you can easily install into your own computer is deemed by experts as one of the best products in the market today. They have put it in such high regard, mainly for its easy to use features, as well as the resource usage of its main system.

Camera Viewer Pro is said to have the intelligence to use a maximum of just 1% of your computer’s main processing unit, which lessens the wear and tear to your system. The video that it records is clear enough, and the recording is smooth for most people’s standards.

Software #2: iSpy

If recording images using your security camera is more than enough for you, you would probably be pleased to know that there is available software out there that can enable audio recording as well. This is one functionality that security camera software brand iSpy prides itself with.

This audio functionality that is quite a rarity for security cameras makes this brand ideal not only for surveillance, but for general monitoring as well. This is why some people use this software for their cameras that monitor their children who are unattended, and even their pets.

Software #3: SecureCam2

If you are just looking to have a very basic surveillance set-up and not spend too much on an elaborate one, SecureCam2 would be a good brand for you. With just 343KB of hard drive space required, this brand can pretty much do it all.

From the basic monitoring functionalities, to even motion detection and online streaming, SecureCam2 can do it all. And if you wish to see what your camera has picked up, you can play all of them using the software’s very own built-in player. Do note that because of this very basic set-up, it can support a mere four cameras, at the most.

These are good examples of programs that can help turn your personal computer into an instant surveillance monitor. These can be downloaded in their respective websites for the basic functionalities, and you can choose to shell out a small amount if you want the upgrades.