3 of the Best Home Security Products of 2019

This is the scenario: you just purchased your new home, along with all its much-needed appliances and furniture. You have also completed all the decorating work you need.

Now, you are ready to take care of setting up your home security system, but are still unsure about which products to look into. In this article, we will be delving into three of the best home security brands in 2018, as ranked by industry experts and people who have used them already.

Product #1: Nest Hello

Ever wondered if it would be possible to record video of every stranger stepping onto your porch to ring the doorbell? Yes, there are brands that specialize in the development and manufacturing of such products, and one of them is Nest Hello.

With Nest Hello, you can beef up your existing doorbell system by easily installing this nifty little camera right above it. And because it is developed in this day and age of technology, this product can also be integrated into your smart home tools such as Amazon’s Alexa, which makes it easily accessible through voice command.

Product #2: Abode Starter Kit

As the name itself suggests, the Abode Starter Kit is perfect to have, especially if you are just in the onset of setting up your own home security system. This package includes everything that you will need for effective surveillance monitoring, such as a siren-equipped hub, door and window sensors, a key fob, and motion detectors.

And if you wish to take things a little further, you can add in other functionalities such as livestreaming, garage door openers, and environmental sensors that would help detect problems such as water leaks. Similar to the first item, it can also be integrated into smart home applications.

Product #3: Salient Eye

This is a treat most especially for Android users, who have this particular system limited to their platform. In a nutshell, Salient Eye is a free downloadable app that helps turn your mobile device into an instant security camera. Talk about having surveillance on the go, and within the palm of your hand.

If you wish to expand this feature a little further, you can download the Salient Eye companion app, which essentially allows you to control the camera that you have using another device. Need to arm or disarm the Salient Eye? You can use the companion app and do it ease.

These three brands are just some of the many others that you can choose from. With enough research, you should be able to make a decision on which one would work best for you.