Security Screen Doors and Windows

When people think of security, they often don’t think of aluminium security screen doors to guard against burglars in Perth WA.

When people talk about home security, some of the first things that would come to mind are surveillance cameras, motion detectors, fire alarms, and the like. But in reality, home security covers a lot of ground, including safeguarding your most important valuables.

Sure, there are still the old reliable safes that you can buy in the market today, but none of them are probably equipped with the same capabilities as the newer ones of today do. In this article, we look at three good examples of those that you can be a welcome addition into your home.

Trademark Home Dictionary Diversion Safe

Most heavy duty safes are rightfully stealthily hidden, either behind the door or a wall in a concealed area of your home. But with this product, you will no longer need to do that much stealth action, as the look of the device itself would likely suffice.

The Trademark Home Dictionary Diversion Book Safe is actually packaged as a reading material, which can easily fool the layman or someone that looks at it from a superficial standpoint. The downside of it though is that it is very basic and would not likely stand a fire or sudden flooding, but it serves is purpose of being a protectedspot to store your valuables.

First Alert 2092DF

Unlike the previous item that is physically appealing with a great functionality to boot, this product lies on the heavy duty side of safe classifications. The First Alert 2092DF is not only waterproof, but fireproof as well.

In the unlikely event that both a fire and a flood hits your home, you can guarantee that this product would be the one of the few ones to be left intact. Weighing at around 100 pounds, the First Alert 2092DF is heavy enough to store stocky and hefty valuables such as firearms, coins, and piles of documents, without any concern for space or weight.

SentrySafe SFW123DSB

If you are looking for just a small, compact safe for basic storage, SentrySafe’s SFW123DSB would be the perfect product for you. The name itself may be a handful to say and remember, but the functionalities and storage that it provides is something that would interest many.

Similar to the previous product, the SFW123DSB is also both water and fire-resistant. Its key takeaway, however, is that it also features another airtight storage which would be perfect for you to store delicate documents and old photos.

You can pick from this list of home security safes that would be best for you, and you can guarantee that they are all of top-notch quality.

Don’t forget, the damage that can be prevented from security outweighs the security screen door costs. Generally people only think of safes and other devices.