3 Ways to Protect Windows from Hurricanes

Hurricanes are a time of calamity and can be extremely frightening. There will be a lot of confusion and anxiety running around the minds of people who are stuck in a hurricane bound zone. Other than the colossal trauma that hurricanes can probably have on people, it damages their homes and leaves people bankrupt. People also get hurt mainly due to the damage done to their windows and shattered glass. Therefore it is essential to keep your home and yourself safe. You need to keep your windows in check. Here are three ways to do just that!

1) Window shutters.

Two distinct kinds of shutters are intended to lower over every window and give compelling protection from the wind and wind-driven debris during a hurricane. A hand-wrench inside the home can work one sort of shutter while shutters likewise are accessible that lock into the spot at the press of a button inside the house. Also, make sure you check with your insurance agency to check whether you for a reduction on your home insurance by introducing window shutters.

2) High-impact glass.

An ordinary sheet of glass doesn’t offer much assurance from flying debris during a hurricane. With a high-impact glass, you can, for the most part, pick a single coated or double coated choice that extensively fortifies your windows. With two sheets of safety glass, also secured by a plastic film, you altogether better the odds of your windows enduring a hurricane. The high-impact glass doesn’t appear to be any unique than your current window and may qualify your home for a protection rebate.

3) Plywood shutters.

Installing plywood over the majority of the windows in your home can give magnificent insurance from a storm. The issue is that on the off chance that you hold up until a hurricane is en route, a large number of different property holders and house owners will head home-supply stores and plywood can turn out to be very scarce.

Instead, contact a specialist to measure the required plywood before hurricane season. It’s ideal for picking at any rate quarter-inch or half-inch plywood and for ensuring the wood is estimated to introduce into the walls, rather than the window outlines. Rock stable anchors can be pre-installed so that if a hurricane is approaching, you should connect the pre-cut plywood. Keep in mind that if you pick this alternative to secure your windows, your home will be very dull when the power is out after a hurricane.