5 Must-Have Home Security Devices for Every Household

In 2013, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) noted an estimated total of $4.5 billion in property losses because of burglaries. All of these could have been avoided if there was a working home security system in place.

Now that you are aware of these stats, you may want to look into some devices for your home. To make it easier for you, here are five of the necessary ones that you ideally must have installed.

A Smart Lock System

In a nutshell, smart locks are keyless door locks that can only be accessed using a code. It is a common fixture in many houses in the United States today, evidently for its high safety qualities. The main advantage of having a smart lock is that you have full control over the access to your doors, and easily sound the alarm if there happen to be undesirables around.

Security Sensors

Having a security sensor in place can will give you the peace of mind, especially during the wee hours of the night when you are sound asleep. A good working sensor is usually able to detect in cases such as glass breaking, and even having water in a spot where there shouldn’t be. Once it is triggered, it will do all the work for you such as sound a police alarm and even send you a notifying text message.

Smoke Detectors

Since smoke detectors are required by law, you might as well jazz it up and go for a more advanced version. There are some brands that can be integrated into an existing security system, where it can immediately notify authorities about any disturbance. This should put you a few steps ahead of the would-be danger from a possible fire.

Main Control Panel for Entire System

If you happen to have a much more high-tech and elaborate security system, you will need a control panel. This control panel will essentially act as your system’s brain and monitor the activities of your devices. If worse comes to worst, it can also notify a monitoring company, which can then alert the authorities.

Proximity Sensors as Backup Devices

Another way to beef up your existing security system is by having a proximity sensor in place. If needed, this sensor can easily fire up or disarm one of the devices on your system, and even send you as its user some alerts whenever something goes awry. However, you will have to have it on hand to be able to have control over it.

If you are thinking of building your security system, or even enhancing it, here are just some of the gadgets that you can start with.