5 Things You Should Never Do During a Tornado 

While dealing with a situation as intense as a tornado, your don’ts’s become just as more important as your do’s! Just any other natural disaster, time is of the essence. You must act quickly to get to a safe location. However, there are also certain things that you absolutely shouldn’t do in such a situation. Here are five things you should never do if you find yourself in a tornado‘s path.

1) Don’t seek shelter under an overpass

Your first thought during a tornado may be to seek refuge under a bridge to protect yourself from all the debris. However, this is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. Winds tend to speed up and accelerate while passing through narrow structures like overpasses and are capable of destroying the entire overpass and lifting vehicles off the ground, posing a severe threat to your life.

2) Don’t wait to visually confirm the tornado before taking cover

Once you hear a tornado warning, do not wait until you can visually confirm the tornado’s presence before you seek shelter. Tornadoes move at breakneck speeds and waiting until you spot it might not leave you enough time to take cover and get to a safe place. It’s best to find a safe stop and wait there as soon as you hear a tornado warning.

3) Don’t stay inside your car

Trying to outrun a tornado is both futilely ambitious and extremely dangerous. Relying on your fast car to protect you from the tornado is a mistake since tornadoes move at breakneck speeds. If you’re inside a vehicle during a tornado, get out of the car and seek shelter at the then nearest stable structure or building. Alternatively, you can also get out and lie in a low ditch, getting below the level of the road.

4) Don’t open your windows

Opening windows has been found to have no benefit during a tornado. Contrary to popular belief, opening a window will only let in more wreckage and debris into your house. You also end up wasting more time in the process of opening your windows, precious time that could be essential for you to get to a safe spot.

5) Don’t stand at the window

Standing at your window to observe the tornado or document, it puts your safety at risk. Not only do you lose out on time to seek safe shelter and take cover, but you also put yourself in the line of danger by risking injury from debris and wreckage that might find its way towards you. People often get killed or injured because of the wreck and debris generated by a tornado.